Forensic & Chemical Storage

Developed specifically for use in a Scene of Crime Unit or Forensic Laboratory, the Airone Forensic Science and Drying Cabinet protects evidence such as articles of clothing, mobile phones, wallets and bags from particulate contamination and dust.  It protects the operator and the surrounding environment from noxious odours and other contaminants which may...
  • Designed for the protection of evidence
  • Recirculates clean air back into the room
Using a high capacity application-specific carbon filter, the Airone Chemical Storage Cabinet protects staff and the environment from hazardous chemicals. It can be either freestanding or bench mounted, and is ideal for school science preparation rooms and for many industrial applications. Available in two widths, 1000mm and 1200mm, and constructed from...
  • Designed specifically for the safe storage of chemicals
  • Protects staff and the environment
  • Available in 1000mm or 1200mm widths