Fume Cupboard Testing for Schools and Colleges

Safelab provides fume cupboard testing for schools and colleges  to support our customers' ongoing legal compliance requirements under COSHH Regulation 9. It is a legal requirement for schools and colleges to have their fume cupboards subjected to a Thorough Examination and Test at least once every 14 months.  We can conduct the required compliance testing on any make and model of fume cupboard, whether ducted or filtered.

Each member of our service and maintenance team undergoes extensive training, including COSHH Local Exhaust Ventilation P601, which means that in choosing Safelab you entrust your fume cupboard testing to a Competent Person, as legislation demands.  Our testing protocols conform to BS 7989:2001, BS EN14175:2003, COSHH REG9 , HSG258,  and CLEAPSS G9 for Schools, and our engineers, all of whom are DBS (formerly CRB) checked, are located in all regions of the UK. We operate a strong health and safety culture and are proud to have achieved accreditation with Reset, Constructionline, Safecontractor, CHAS, Human Focus (Skanska) and Building with Confidence.

Our Fume Cupboard Thorough Examination & Test includes:

Fume cupboard testing

Checking and advising on possible containment interference factors

Carrying out a visible inspection and check operation of the fume cupboard

Checking the operation and condition of fume cupboard services

Carrying out qualitative (smoke test) and quantitative (anemometer) airflow assessments

Checking operation and condition of external fans*

Checking the condition of ductwork*

*where applicable


All of our test equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure accurate test results.

Activated Carbon Filter Testing

For ductless (recirculating) fume cupboards fitted with an activated carbon filter, a calibrated monitor with a Figaro sensor is placed in the exhaust airflow of the fume cupboard and an ethanol based spray is introduced to the cabinet intake airflow whilst the unit is running. The monitor will alert our engineer to any level of the substance reaching the sensor. This sensor is similar to the one used as part of the built-in saturation alarm safety feature on many Safelab units.

Activated carbon filters come in many forms and handle a great number of chemicals. Our testing protocol gives a general indication to the condition of the filter as well as confirmation that it is seated and sealed satisfactorily (particularly important after filter replacement). We take into account the usage of the cupboard as well as the processes conducted within to offer the right advice regarding replacement and suitability of the filters.

More specific ongoing testing can be carried out by end users utilising Draeger or Gastec systems at regular intervals between Safelab's routine examination and test visits. These systems allow for the specific testing of a chosen substance.

If any defect in operation is detected, we can undertake remedial works to the fume cupboard as required.

We have extensive experience in installing, testing and maintaining schools fume cupboards - please contact us and we will be pleased to help.