Filter Replacement

We offer replacement activated carbon filters for our own Safelab ductless (recirculating) fume cupboards and many other makes and models, please contact us with your requirements.

We manufacture our activated carbon filters on site, giving us full process control and traceability.  Critically, we use a high quality activated carbon, with ISO 9001 certified batch-to-batch consistency of adsorption capacity and particle size. The microporous structure of our activated carbon results in an extremely large surface area, promoting adsorption of airborne contaminants at high capacity.

Activated carbon filters

The highly porous structure of the activated carbon used in our filters under the electron microscope

In addition to our standard activated carbon, we have a range of impregnated activated carbons optimised for the adsorption of acids, ammonia, amines,  sulphur compounds, formaldehyde, mercury and other compounds.  Given details of your intended application we can use our in-house knowledge and experience to recommend the most suitable activated carbon for your use.

We can also provide HEPA filters, separately or as combined units with our activated carbon filters

Please contact us with your filter requirements and we will be pleased to help.