Airone 1000RS Mobile Ductless Fume Cupboard

Mobile Fume Cupboards
Fume Cupboards for Schools and Colleges

Key Points

  • Tested by CLEAPSS for use in schools and colleges
  • Designed to comply with BS:7989:2001 and BB88
  • 360 degree visibility
  • Ideal for classroom demonstrations
  • Fully mobile with front lockable castors
  • 5 year warranty for school projects (terms apply)

General Product Information

  • Polypropylene worktop with drip cup and remote water service
  • Remote mains gas service
  • Single electrical socket
  • 22kg carbon filter suitable for A level syllabus chemistry
  • Counterweighted front sliding glass sash
  • Under cupboard storage

Technical Specification

Case Studies

The Airone 1000RS mobile ductless fume cupboard is a brilliantly effective teaching resource which is space efficient and cost effective.  Once connected to the Safelab Docking Station, it can be positioned as required for demonstrations, and then stored in the classroom or elsewhere when not in use.  It can be shared between several classrooms, and there is no requirement for ducting or costly associated building works.

The design of the fume cupboard ensures an exceptionally clear view of the experiment from all sides. The Airone 1000RS fume cupboard is economical to run since the high capacity 22Kg carbon filter typically only needs replacing every 4 to 5 years. Fan speed automatically decreases at low sash heights, which minimises energy consumption and helps maximise filter lifetime.

Hundreds of UK schools are benefiting from the high performance, reliable operation and durable construction of the Airone 1000RS mobile ductless fume cupboard.  Contact us to find out more.