Abingdon School


  • Largest school installation in the UK at the time
  • 26 x fume cupboards including ducted & ductless (recirculating) units
  • Multiple chemical storage cabinets
  • Extensive use of wider fume cupboards with room for two students to work

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Products and Services

The Brief

Abingdon School is a leading independent day and boarding school for boys in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. In 2015, Abingdon developed a new Centre for Science which included 21 new laboratories.

The Solution

Safelab was asked to supply and install the fume cupboards for these new laboratories. In total, we supplied 17 x ductless (recirculatory) units (14 x Airone 1800R; 1 x Airone 1500R; 2 x Airone 1000RS/E) and 9 x ducted units (7 x Airone 1800X; 2 x Airone 1500X).

The use of the wider 1800mm units allowed enough room for two students to work alongside one another, which is ideal given that most practical work is undertaken in pairs.

We also supplied a number of chemical storage cabinets to provide a safe environment whilst storing chemicals in the prep rooms.

Since supplying these units, Safelab have returned to Abingdon School to performance the required testing and maintenance on an annual basis.