Rutherford Appleton Laboratory - Harwell

Key Points

  • The first project to include our redesigned Airone XP4 ducted fume cupboard
  • 2 x Airone 1800XP and 5 x Airone 2000XP fume cupboards with VAV control, PIR motion sensor and light curtain
  • Firetrace fire protection in all fume cupboards
  • 90 minute fire rated storage cabinets

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Products and Services

The Brief

The end user contacted Safelab directly to discuss the need for some fume cupboards in two new state of the art laboratories for the Medical Research Council.

The Solution

Having recently redesigned our Airone XP range from top to bottom Safelab proposed the Airone XP4 Ducted Fume Cupboard with VAV control and PIR motion sensors.

The fume cupboards themselves have been independently type tested to BS EN 14175 for research grade fume cupboards at face velocities from 0.3m/s so the client was safe in the knowledge their operatives were being provided with the highest level of containment possible in the UK market.

Utilising the VAV energy saving controls and further including PIR motion sensors to monitor the position of the sash and alarm to remind operatives to close it when not in use.

For further safety it was decided in conjunction with Firetrace™ to install all fume cupboards with a fire protection system.

All the cupboard were supplied with 90 minute fire rated vented storage cabinets to provide a safe environment to store chemicals that were going to be used.