Airone Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

Laminar Flow & Class II Cabinets

Key Points

  • Sterile cabinet for product contamination protection
  • Constant airflow
  • Tested with DOP efficiency 99.999% at 0.3 microns
  • No ducting or building costs
  • Easy maintenance
  • ISO Class 4

General Product Information

  • Epoxy coated carcass
  • Wide choice of widths and materials available
  • Various options to suit your application

Technical Specification

The Airone Horizontal Laminar Flow cabinet provides clean conditions to ISO Class 4 (FED Class 10) and compliance to BSEN 14644. The cabinet provides a clean ULPA filtered parallel flow of air, through filters situated at the back the cabinet, across the working area.


Air is initially drawn through a high-quality EV4 pre-filter to remove all large particulates. All air then passes through the fan system before being forced through a U15 ULPA filter to remove 99.9998% of all particulates > 0.12µm in size. Filtered air will then flow horizontally towards the operator at a velocity of 0.35-0.55m/s to ensure no air from the room can flow back into the working area. This guarantees an ISO Class 4 (FED Class 10) particle-free working environment and can ensure the best product protection.

Environmentally Friendly

The Airone HLF also has fantastic ‘green’ credentials. With normal operation starting at just 65 watts of power, the cabinet uses a fraction of the power consumption of rival models. In addition, the unit has some of the most attractive sound levels available—measuring at just 54db (A) for the largest unit.

Overhead high intensity LED lighting is provided as standard (> 1000LUX) to ensure even illumination of the working area. The Airone HLF range of cabinets are fitted with the latest digital high-performance fans to ensure low noise operation and low energy consumption.

Available in four standard widths, these units can be supplied freestanding or benchtop mounted. Several standard options are available.