Airone Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

Laminar Flow & Class II Cabinets

Key Points

  • Type tested to comply with BS EN12469
  • 4.3" full colour touchscreen interface
  • Hinged front sash
  • Available in three standard widths

General Product Information

  • Epoxy coated mild steel construction
  • Solid stainless steel worktop
  • Ducted or recirculating options
  • Safety Glass Side Panels

Technical Specification

The Airone Class II Safety Cabinet is designed for use in microbiology and biotechnology, with the most up-to-date microprocessor control techniques setting new standards for operator, environmental and product protection.

The Airone Class II Safety Cabinet has been independently type tested and approved to BSEN 12469:2000 by the UK’s leading authority on Biological Safety Cabinets, the Health Protection Agency at Porton Down.


Air is drawn in through the front aperture, providing operator protection. The inflow air mixes with the downflow air as it enters the front intake grille and passes through the plenum where the air is split into exhaust systems. 70% of the air is recycled and pushed back into the Work Area through the downflow HEPA filter. The remaining 30% is exhausted through the exhaust air HEPA filter back into the laboratory environment.

Environmentally Friendly

The Airone Class II Safety Cabinet also has fantastic ‘green’ credentials. With normal operation starting at just 100 watts of power, the cabinet uses a fraction of the power consumption of rival models. In addition, the unit has some of the most attractive sound levels available. Overhead high-intensity LED lighting is provided as standard (> 1000LUX) to ensure even illumination of the working area. The Airone Class II range of cabinets are fitted with the latest digital high-performance fans to ensure low noise operation and low energy consumption. Energy efficiency is improved further with the use of PIR movement sensors to shut off all non-essential electronic items when the cabinet senses a period of inactivity.