Docking Station for Airone 1000RS and Airone 1000DS

Mobile Fume Cupboards
Fume Cupboards for Schools and Colleges

Key Points

  • Specifically designed for the Airone 1000RS and 1000DS
  • Quick release connections for water, waste and natural gas
  • Lockable to prevent unauthorised access to services
  • Tether point to prevent damage to service connections

Technical Specification

The Safelab Docking Station provides secure connection of services (usually gas, electricity, water and waste) to our mobile and semi-mobile fume cupboards.

The mobile ductless (recirculating) Airone 1000RS or semi-mobile ducted Airone 1000DS is simply moved into place for the demonstration, the castors are locked, and the services connected.  The stainless steel tether fitted to the fume cupboard allows it to be positioned up to 1.6 metres away from the docking station (model dependent).

After the demonstration the services can be straightforwardly disconnected, the docking station securely locked, and the fume cupboard conveniently moved out of the way.

Schools often install a number of Safelab Docking Stations so that a single Airone 1000RS mobile ductless fume cupboard can serve several classrooms - a space efficient and cost effective alternative to installing permanent fume cupboards in each class.