Airone X Ducted Fume Cupboard

Ducted Fume Cupboards
Fume Cupboards for Schools and Colleges

Key Points

  • Tested by CLEAPSS for use in schools and colleges
  • Designed to comply with BS:EN 14175 and BB88
  • Bypass system to ensure constant airflow
  • Low airflow alarm
  • Specification can alter depending on classroom or prep room

General Product Information

  • Counterweighted front sliding glass sash
  • Built in fluorescent light
  • Laminated safety glass side windows
  • PVC or PPS duct system required

Technical Specification

The Airone X is a fixed, ducted fume cupboard with laminated glass side panels, equally suitable for prep room use and chemistry practical work to A level and beyond. Four standard widths up to 1800mm are available;  often a 1000mm fume cupboard is specified for students' use in the classroom, whilst a 1200mm wide unit is preferred for the prep room.  Laboratory technicians appreciate the excellent build quality of the Airone X for daily use, and the large working area afforded by the 1200mm wide unit with its built-in sink.

The Airone X fume cupboard connects to PVC ducting in which a fan is installed to carry airborne contaminants safely away to an external discharge point.  We provide a full turn-key solution, installing an energy efficient fan and duct system if required.

The rate of air flow into the fume cupboard needed to ensure safe operation in schools is set by our engineer during commissioning.  An integrated air by-pass system ensures this inward air flow remains constant as the laminated glass sash is raised or lowered, and the unit incorporates a low air flow alarm for complete safety.

The Airone X ducted fume cupboard has no requirement for ongoing carbon filter replacement, and is suitable for a wide range of chemistries beyond the national curriculum.  Please contact us for more details.