SmartFAST Mini Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

SmartFAST Mini Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

The SmartFAST Mini cabinet is a small work-station suitable for handling products that need to be protected against non-pathogenic airborne contamination. The compact, portable cabinet can be easily moved and positioned on benchtops of a variety of different laboratories. It is suitable for various requirements such as non-pathogenic microbiology and cell culture manipulation.

The SmartFAST Mini cabinet is fitted with a HEPA filter with an efficiency better than 99,995% MPPS(H14: EN1822) as well as a synthetic fibre pre-filter with minimum efficiency of 80%-90% ASHRAE.

Operating Principles
The ambient air is drawn in through the pre-filter fitted in the upper side of the cabinet, passes through the HEPA filter into the work area and is then exhausted outside from the frontal aperture and under the work surface.

SmartFAST has been designed to meet specific requirements of biotechnology, molecular biology, electronics, pharmaceuticals and optical laboratories, primarily when handling cell cultures and non-hazardous biological agents under circumstances when it is necessary to ensure material protection.

It can be used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Microbiology
  • Sterility tests
  • Cell culture
  • Sterile manipulations
  • Molecular biology
  • DNA work/thermal cycling/PCR
Laminar Flow & Class II Cabinets

Key Points

  • Compact, portable cabinet
  • Constant airflow monitoring
  • HEPA filter technology

General Product Information

  • Epoxy coated mild steel construction
  • Stainless steel work surface
  • Transparent safety glass side walls

Technical Specification