SafeFAST Top Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

SafeFAST Top Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

The SafeFAST Top range of Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets have been designed to comply with BS EN 12469. These cabinets provide operator and product protection, and are suitable for the manipulation of low to middle risk pathogenic agents.

SafeFAST Top cabinets come complete with a microprocessor control panel providing constant airflow speed and a number of audible and visual alarms. Available in four standard widths, these units can be supplied freestanding or benchtop mounted. Two vacuum or gas taps and an electrical socket are fitted as standard. Several other options are available:

  • Additional electrical sockets
  • Additional gas/vacuum services
  • UV Light (built-in timer)
  • Epoxy coated steel stand/trolley
  • Exhaust carbon/HEPA filter
  • Volt free contacts
  • Anti blowback valve
  • Formalin vaporiser
  • DOP Inlet
Laminar Flow & Class II Cabinets

Key Points

  • Built to comply with BS EN12469
  • Microprocessor monitoring system
  • Front gas sprung folding sash
  • Available in four standard widths

General Product Information

  • Epoxy coated mild steel construction
  • Perforated or solid stainless steel worktop
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Ducted or recirculating options

Technical Specification