SafeFAST Classic Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

SafeFAST Classic Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

SafeFAST Classic Ducted Microbiological Safety Cabinets belong to the latest generation of laminar air flow systems, and surpass most known “value for money” Microbiological Safety Cabinets on the market.

SafeFAST Classic Ducted vertical laminar flow cabinets are Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets designed and built to the performance requirements of the EN-12469:2000 European Standard, with 70% of the air re-circulated via the main Class H14 HEPA filter within the cabinet, whilst the remaining 30% is discharged through an exhaust Class H14 HEPA filter and ducted to the atmosphere. These cabinets are suitable for handling micro-organisms and pathogens as defined by the appropriate European and other International Standards, current health and safety guidelines, and legislation aimed at safeguarding health and safety of operators at work.

SafeFAST Classic Ducted cabinets have been adopted worldwide for product, personnel and environmental protection while handling harmful agents pathogenic to human beings and/or animals as defined in the appropriate international standards. They are used in a wide range of disciplines such as microbiology, virology, haematology, cell culture and genetics.


Easy Cleaning / Maintenance: Electrically operated vertically sliding safety-glass sash window, which is also hinged and can be opened up during cleaning and routine maintenance.
Removable UV sterilising lampRemovable UV sterilizing lamp (optional) that can be easily placed in each area of the back panel. Complete with two switch-off countdown timers;one variable on a 0-3 hours scale (1 minute steps), the other set to 3 fixed hours.
Electrically Operated Sash Window: The standard height of the work position sash is set to 200mm. Alternative sash height settings (250 -160 mm)  are available upon request, with the maximum opening being 440 mm.
Cabinet Elements: One IP44 electrical socket is fitted as standard in each size model. Servicing holes are positioned on the side glasses for service tap installation (as an option).
Removable Work Surface: The work surface is stainless steel AISI 304L, consisting of sections which are easily removed for carrying out routine cleaning and/or autoclaving sterilization procedures. A perforated work surface is supplied as standard with a solid work surface being available on request.
Easy InstallationThe safety cabinet can pass through 800 mm wide door openings. The overall depth of the cabinet can be reduced to approx. 790 mm by removal of the rear panel if required.
Silent OperationThe bag plenum, the structures of the electric motor of the fan and the software are designed to provide optimum air handling characteristics whilst guaranteeing quiet operation.  Recorded sound pressure levels are significantly below the parameters specified in the current EN 12469:2000 European Standard for Microbiological Safety Cabinets.
High Level LightingThe safety glass side windows with the ideal positioning and sizing of the light system provide the highest level of luminosity to the work area.
Ergonomic DesignThe 7 degree angled sloping front safety-glass sash provides optimum visibility of all objects placed in the interior work space and an increased lighting level. The sash is electrically operated, pressing the appropriate touch-sensitive keys will completely open or completely close down the sash.

ECS® Microprocessor-based Monitoring System
A full status report is provided via a 2-line digital display by the microprocessors, which automatically control all functions and all safety alarm systems ensuring that performance characteristics are maintained to EN12469:2000 requirements. A high power lithium battery keeps safety data saved to the microprocessor system. The practical, user-friendly keyboard with rear-lit LCD continuously displays all required data, keeping the user constantly informed of the cabinet operating condition, in particular:

  • laminar airflow velocity and frontal air barrier velocity
  • residual lifetime of HEPA filters and UV Lamp (if fitted)
  • total number of hours of operation
  • saturation level of HEPA filters

Audio and visual alarms are provided for:

  • out of range or incorrect laminar airflow velocity and frontal air barrier velocity
  • incorrect position of front sash window
  • saturation of HEPA filters
  • end of life cycle of UV lamp (if fitted)
  • blockage in the exhaust duct
  • fan motor malfunction
  • power failure

Technical Specifications

Anti-bacterial coating: Each cabinet is coated with exclusive Dupont™ALESTA® anti-bacterial “Ag+cations based solution”, capable of preventing microbial contamination of surfaces thereby inhibiting long term surface growth.
Low noise level: The unique design and materials of the special plenum and filter housing ensure a reduction in sound pressure levels, providing quiet operation.
Stainless Steel AISI 304L: Each SafeFAST Classic Ducted Microbiological Safety Cabinet is fitted with a AISI 304L stainless steel work surface.
Real Laminar Flow: The internal aerodynamic design of the chamber provides ideal laminar air flow patterns, providing conditions which satisfy performance requirements expressed by EN:12469:2000 European Standard


  • Solid work surface
  • Single section work surface
  • UV light with magnetic support
  • Service tap (fuel gas/ non-fuel gas/vacuum)
  • Additional electrical outlet
  • Stainless steel hanging bar
  • Movable stainless steel armrest
  • Direct duct exhaust transition
  • Thimble duct exhaust transition pre-filter grid
  • Floor standing 900mm working height with footrest (other heights on request)
  • Electrically adjustable floor stand 800mm to 1100mm working height
  • Floor stand with castors
Laminar Flow & Class II Cabinets

Key Points

  • Built to comply with BS EN12469
  • Electronically operated front sash
  • Easily cleaned and decontaminated
  • Removable stainless steel work surface

General Product Information

  • Epoxy coated mild steel construction
  • Perforated or solid stainless steel worktop
  • Low noise level
  • Anti bacterial coating

Technical Specification