Fume Cupboard Product Data Management

13th June 2018

As part of our continued investment in Building Information Modelling (BIM), we have co-developed, with the Chartered Institute of Building Engineers (CIBSE), Product Data Templates (PDTs) for ducted and recirculating fume cupboards, now available at BIMHawk.co.uk.

Product Data Templates are Excel documents which can be populated with product information required by architects, consulting engineers and main contractors – such as dimensions, product features and maintenance intervals – and then attached to 3D geometric models of the products in BIM software such as Revit.

A single, approved Product Data Template for a given product category ensures product data from all manufacturers can be uploaded in a consistent way, and this standardisation of information is widely recognised as being urgently required to enable compliance with BIM Level 2, the industry benchmark standard in which buildings are developed collaboratively in a 3D environment with all relevant product data attached.  Our recent significant investment in Revit software and training will enable us to offer BIM Level 2 Compliant content to our customers.

Development of the new PDTs began with our discussions with industry stakeholders Buro Happold, SES Engineering, and Sheppard Robson, and followed a rigorous approval pathway which included peer review via the laboratory industry trade body GAMBICA and a public consultation phase, before final sign-off by a Chartered Engineer under the auspices of CIBSE.

When a Product Data Template is populated with product data, and therefore ready to upload into BIM software, it is known as a Product Data Sheet (PDS), and we can provide PDSs for any of our fume cupboards on request.  Binding this product data to a 3D geometric model in Revit is a simple matter of uploading the PDS using the BIMHawk plug-in.

If you require a PDS for any of our products, please contact us


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